• Image of Flora-Tassel

With so much of our wardrobe going to basics and solids, you need a bag that adds style to an outfit and compliments what you're wearing. I promise to never make a boring design, so that you can always look fresh and stylish.

This gorgeous blouse produced two HoBags, this being one of them. I added the tassel as a fun and fancy handle. I love the many tones of red/maroon/magenta in this design. The red of the handle brings out the magenta in the blouse, and the tassel swishes as you walk.

The inside liner is a high quality, sturdy cotton-polyester blend, with a soft shine in the fabric. All HoBags are thoughtfully designed and hand sewn by me. Each bag is made imperfectly perfect in that it is 100% unique, the only one of it's kind. It has just enough crooked sewing lines to let you know it's an authentic HoBag sewn from my little sewing room, and not from a factory in China.

See more pictures of Flora-Tassel Hobag here.

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